Tadano Group CSR Charter

We of the Tadano Group believe that “a company can only exist successfully if it is in harmony with society and people.” Therefore, we will contribute to the development of local and international societies, and promote business activities that help protect the global environment. We will also seek to maximize our corporate value in response to the expectations of all our stakeholders. Thus, we will strive for global excellence, aiming to be a company that can stand proud before the world, now and in the future.

Increasing the Business Value of Customers

We will dedicate to increase the business value of customers by providing products, services and systems focused on safety and quality.

Striving to Create New Technologies

We will undertake the challenge of creating highly original products, services and systems, aiming to continually impress our customers by exceeding their expectations.

Sincere Business Activities

We will strive to conduct fair, transparent, sincere business activities.

Respect for Employees

We will respect each employee’s individuality and dedicate to create healthy, cheerful workplaces that bring out the best in employees.

Coexistence with Business Associates

We will strive to build strong relationships of trust with all of our business associates through cooperation, and to grow and coexist harmoniously with them.

Maintenance and Improvement of Investment Value

We will work to improve our performance and achieve long-term, steady growth to increase the asset value of our shareholders and investors.

Coexistence with Society

We will respect the laws, customs and cultures of the countries and communities where we work as a good corporate citizen, and conduct business activities that contribute to the development of their societies.

Harmony with the Global Environment

We will strive to achieve harmony with the global environment in all of our work processes.

Appropriate Communication Activities

We will disclose accurate information in a timely fashion, and by appropriate methods of communication, to all of our stakeholders, whom we see as our partners, dedicating to maintain long-term relationships of trust.