Safety, Quality, Efficiency


SQE GraphicThe Tadano corporate philosophy is part of everything we do, from development to production and sales. It is our goal to provide customers products and services that go above and beyond their expectations. This is what  safety, quality and efficiency (SQE) mean to Tadano:


SAFETY matters for everyone who builds and uses Tadano products and services. Our cranes should provide a safe operation every time, just as our facilities should provide a healthy environment for employees.


QUALITY is the key benchmark for every product or service that we deliver. Tadano continually works to improve internal processes using the principle of Total Quality Management, or TQM.


EFFICIENCY is ingrained in how Tadano operates. We strive to foster an organization characterized by smooth running workplaces and a strong work ethic. Tadano applies this to creating products that are cost-effective for our customers while also minimizing negative impact on people and the environment.