Northest Shoring takes new ATF 70G-4

Tadano Delivers ATF 70G-4 to Northeast Shoring

Houston, Texas – A new Tadano ATF 70G-4 was recently delivered to Northeast Shoring Installation, LLC. The 75-ton telescopic-boom all terrain crane will be used for commercial shoring, focused on municipal, private and commercial applications. The crane was purchased through Tadano’s newly appointed distributor Flaherty Equipment Repair in Newton, MA.

Tadano’s reliability, strong reputation, adaptability and favorable financial terms were all selling points for Jim Kinch, Sales Manager at NE Shoring. Kinch states “Most of the shoring locations are off-pavement and often on very rough terrain in the Northeast. The ATF 70G-4’s ability to get to the jobsite without requiring special transport is critical. Once off-road, the crane’s ability to traverse rough terrain enables our crew to get to the jobsite, set-up and begin work with minimal difficulty.”

When asked about the new Tadano, operator Russ Marchildon smiled and raved about the crane’s ability to pull onto the site, back into narrow spaces, and easy set up. The smooth action of the swing motor, the fuel efficiency of the Mercedes engines, the camera on the winch drum, and for comfort “Definitely the air conditioning in the crane cab and heated seats for the winter (of course).”

The new ATF 70G-4 features a six section, 171 ft. boom, longest in this size class; Mercedes-Benz two-engine configuration.  The crane boasts the Tadano AML-C operating system with full on-board diagnostics. Design enhancements include asymmetrical outriggers which detects the extension width of all four outriggers individually to maximize work capacity in confined lifting spaces, disc brakes and advanced safety railings and tie-off-points.

“While most of our sites are off-road, it was the superb highway handling and driver-friendly suspension that were key selling points, since our crews often travel in excess of 100-mile one way to a jobsite,” Kinch says. “The attention paid to air suspension helps reduce driver fatigue over long distance trips between jobsite and yard. The level of detail provided from the driving seat cabin to the crane operating cab is great.”

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