Load Moment Limiter (AML-C)

Tadano’s Load Moment Limiter (AML-C) is easy-to-use and innovative in design. It also displays important information and allows the operator to preset a custom working environment.

For example, the AML-C shows the:

  • boom angle
  • boom length
  • load radius
  • elevating cylinder operating pressure
  • extended length of the outriggers
  • slewing position
  • rated lifting capacity
  • present hook weight

These features allow the AML-C to move seamlessly through all lifting operations without having to change configurations or input new codes to make the lift.

The AML-C safety features provide both audible and visual warnings. When an operation approaches the load limit Tadano’s soft stop function automatically engages to avoid shock loads.












The AML-C calculates the hook load and rated lifting capacity based on the operation state registered by the operator and input signal from each detector. It then displays them as a load ratio.

When the load ratio reaches or exceeds 100%, the AML-C stops the crane operations toward the critical sides and warns with error codes and buzzer.

AML-C Functionality