When your company purchases a Tadano rough terrain crane, you also get access to HELLO-NET. It is a telematics system that supports crane management by providing details on operational status, position, and maintenance.

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Advanced Customer Support with HELLO-NET

Telematics with Hello-NetHELLO-NET telematics provides information on many aspects of your crane’s day-to-day operation.

1. Work History

The HELLO-NET Owner’s Site can display the day-to-day operational status, mileage and remaining fuel for each machine that is equipped with a communication terminal. In addition, you can view a list displaying the number of hours of operation and the mileage of all your machines for any specified month.

2. Machine Position Data

Using HELLO-NET Owner’s Site, you can check a machine’s latest position (up until
previous day) on a map. Two types of position data are transmitted
automatically from your machine once every day:

Work Site: The location where the machine’s PTO has been activated (for one hour or more).

Position at Day’s End: The final location from which GPS was able to receive data on a given day.

3. Maintenance Information

You can check the maintenance timetable of your machines for periodical replacement parts
and inspection schedule. HELLO-NET supports the maintenance of your machine.

Getting the Most from Telematics

HELLO-NET graphic

The above illustration shows what the flow of information from the crane looks like. Like any software, HELLO-NET’s capabilities are at their most valuable when they are leveraged on a regular basis.

HELLO-NET is available to most crane owners in the US and Canada. For more on availability and restrictions, visit the TADANO Global website. If you have an existing HELLO-NET account, you can log in here.