Reducing Fuel Consumption

Tadano’s rough terrain cranes are equipped with innovations that substantially reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Reducing fuel consumption two ways

Fuel consumption savingsTadano aims to reduce fuel consumption with  two newly developed technologies. The Eco Mode system reduces fuel consumption by approximately 40% while the crane is being operated. The Positive Control system reduces fuel consumption by approximately 60% when the crane is in a state of standby.

Eco Mode system

The Eco Mode system controls the maximum engine speed at the time of crane operation. Engine speed rises when it is unnecessarily accelerated. This addition reduces CO2 emmissions and fuel consumption by up to 22% when Eco Mode 1 is deployed.

It reduces them by up to 30% when Eco Mode II is applied. This setting has the added benefit of noise reduction.

Eco Mode

Positive Control system

Fuel consumption indicatorThe Positive Control system  is responsible for controlling how much the hydraulic pump discharges during crane operation. When the crane is on standby, Positive Control keeps the quantity of hydraulic pump discharge to a minimum. This process results in fuel savings and CO2 emission reductions of up to 20%.

Fuel Monitoring

The system constantly monitors and displays on the AML-C screen information on fuel consuming conditions. Checking the indicator enables you to prevent wasteful acceleration and standby.

Fuel monitoring