Q: How can I get outrigger reaction forces?

A: Visit our web based outrigger reaction force service. This includes all ATF load charts, including maximum outrigger reaction charts.

Q: Does TAC offer direct service support and can I obtain direct service support?

A: This depends. If you are served by a dealer, you can request and pay for service support from TAC through the dealer.

Q: Where is my nearest dealer?

A: See our Buy, Rent or Service a Tadano page

Q: Where can I order branded Tadano gear?

A: Tadano offers a large variety of items at our new fan shop. We are always adding new items to our crane store here.

Q: Where can I find specification books for discontinued crane models?

A: Visit the Tadano Literature Archives

Q: How do I order parts for my crane?

A: Your local Tadano dealer can satisfy all your repair parts needs for your Tadano cargo, rough terrain and all terrain cranes.. If you don’t know who your local dealer is or have questions that aren’t being answered, please e-mail or call Tadano parts department for that and any other information you might need: tac.parts@tadano.com ,  281-869-0033.

Q: Where can I get crane model files?

A:  Tadano America makes available 2D and 3D files for a range of all terrain and rough terrain cranes available on our website.

Q: How do I get to HELLO-NET, and what is it?

A:  You can access HELLO-NET here.

The “HELLO-NET Owner’s Site” is a Telematics-based internet website, and provides you with the machinery management information such as activities, locations and maintenance status of the cranes.

The following are the conditions for using “HELLO-NET Owner’s Site” services:

  • Purchase of a Telematics-ready Tadano product
  • Consent to collecting users’ machine status information
  • Consent to the HELLO-NET user agreement

The availability of Telematics communication depends on country. You can read more about this service here.

Q: I’m having trouble logging into HELLO-NET. How can I trouble-shoot?

A: This document explains security change settings that may be affecting your ability to log in.

Q: Does TAC  support Tadano Crawler (Mantis) products?

A: TAC doesn’t provide parts or service support for the crawler line. That support is given through the dealer network from Tadano Mantis Corporation.