Q: How can I get outrigger reaction forces?

A: Visit our web based outrigger reaction force service. This includes all ATF load charts, including maximum outrigger reaction charts.

Q: Does TAC offer direct service support and can I obtain direct service support?

A: This depends. If you are served by a dealer, you can request and pay for service support from TAC through the dealer.

Q: Where is my nearest dealer?

A: See our Buy, Rent or Service a Tadano page

Q: Where can I order branded Tadano gear?

A: Tadano Faun offers a large variety of items in their Fan-Shop. Tadano America sells a more limited range of items at our Spreadshirt store, which has more reasonable shipping prices within the US. To purchase crane models, contact michele.olsen@tadano.com.

Q: Where can I find specification books for discontinued crane models?

A: Visit the Tadano Literature Archives

Q: How do I order parts for my crane?

A: The Web Portal is the best place to do this, but it depends whether you buy direct from Tadano or through a dealer.

Contact tac.parts@tadano.com if you don’t have a log-in.

Q: Where can I get crane model files?

A:  Tadano America makes available 2D and 3D files for a range of all terrain and rough terrain cranes available on our website.

Q: How do I get to HELLO-NET, and what is it?

A:  You can access HELLO-NET here.

The “HELLO-NET Owner’s Site” is a Telematics-based internet website, and provides you with the machinery management information such as activities, locations and maintenance status of the cranes.

The following are the conditions for using “HELLO-NET Owner’s Site” services:

  • Purchase of a Telematics-ready Tadano product
  • Consent to collecting users’ machine status information
  • Consent to the HELLO-NET user agreement

The availability of Telematics communication depends on country. You can read more about this service here.

Q: I’m having trouble logging into HELLO-NET. How can I trouble-shoot?

A: This document explains security change settings that may be affecting your ability to log in.

Q: Does TAC  support Tadano Crawler (Mantis) products?

A: TAC doesn’t provide parts or service support for the crawler line. That support is given through the dealer network from Tadano Mantis Corporation.