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GR-550XL S/N 541373

Manufacturer: Tadano
Year: 2016 Capacity: 55 Ton
Crane Location: Santa Ana, CA
Type: Rough Terrain Crane
Hours Lower: 1531
Main Boom Length: 35.1' - 113.9'
Jib Length: 28.9' or 50'
Blocks - Balls - Rigging extras
55 ton 5 sheave with swivel hook block and safety latch for ¾” wire rope
Tires: 23.5-24 Condition: Excellent
Dolly - Dolly Preped - Extras
Overall Condition: A
Crane Inspection Report
Unit 45188 GR-550XL
Additional Notes
$420,000.00 Contact Neil Goodale at Coastline for additional information - neil.goodale@coastlineequipment.com or 562-673-4049
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