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Manufacturer: Tadano
Year: 2018 Capacity: 100 ton
Crane Location: Deforest, WI
Type: Rough Terrain Crane
Hours Upper: 885
Main Boom Length: 154
Jib Length: 58
Blocks - Balls - Rigging extras
Auxiliary Ball
Condition: Excellent
Dolly - Dolly Preped - Extras
Overall Condition: A
Crane Inspection Report
Machine has been dealer maintained since new. Ready to work with balance of factory warranty. Crane inspection available on request.
Additional Notes
This crane is sold by Reynolds Equipment. Contact Darren Reddekopp at 612-382-2847 for terms and conditions of sale.
Please fill in your contact details below. This information will be shared with the crane owner and they will get back to you shortly.