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ATF 130G-5

Manufacturer: Tadano
Year: 2018 Capacity: 160
Crane Location: Grimes, IA
Type: All Terrain Crane
Hours Upper: 2850 Hours Lower: 900
Kilometers/Miles: 15000 Main Boom Length: 42'-197
Jib Length: 30'-55 Auxillary Hoist: Yes
Blocks - Balls - Rigging extras
This machine has 2 winches, a 70 ton 3 sheave block, a 35 ton single sheave block and a 11 ton ball.
Condition: Excellent
Dolly - Dolly Preped - Extras
A 3 axle Nelson boom dolly is included in the price.
Overall Condition: A
Crane Inspection Report
This 5 axle all-terrain crane is well equipped with 42'-197' of main boom, 30-55' swing away hydraulic offsetable jib, 12' integrated heavy lift jib and has two 23' jib inserts and an aux head. The ATF 130 uses a 9 piece counter weight.
Additional Notes
This crane is sold by RTL Equipment and located at 5612 Gateway Dr., Grimes, Iowa 50111. Contact Wayne Kempf at 515-325-9016 for terms and conditions of sale.
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