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Interview with a New Crane Operator

The demand for skilled workers in the crane industry has never been higher. Tadano was a sponsor for the Lift & Move USA event in Houston, where this message was communicated to the 650+ young people that attended the event. … Read More

Long Service Life: Reason #4

The month of May marks the fifth month in our new campaign, the top 8 reasons to own or rent a Tadano. Reason #4 is long service life. We’ll talk in this post about some of the ways that this … Read More

Innovative Features: Reason #5

Tadano America is in the midst of an eight-month campaign highlighting the top reasons to own or rent a Tadano crane. For the month of April, reason #5 is innovative features. In the following post, we’ll cover a few of … Read More

Safety: Reason #6

What goes into making a safe crane?

If you’ve been following Tadano America this year, you’ve probably heard about our campaign, the Top 8 Reasons to Own or Rent a Tadano Crane. This month, reason #6 is safety. You may be asking, what exactly does this mean? … Read More

Service Excellence: Reason #7

to Own or Rent a Tadano

This past month, Tadano America launched a brand new campaign called the Top 8 Reasons to Own or Rent a Tadano Crane. Reason number eight covered the user friendly nature of Tadano all terrain and rough terrain cranes. This month, … Read More

User Friendly Cranes: Reason #8

to Own or Rent a Tadano

If you’re in the market for an all terrain or rough terrain crane, gathering information to help make your decision can be challenging. Most of the available information is strictly product literature containing technical specifications that is generated by the … Read More

ATF 90G-4 All Terrain Crane and Austin Crane Railyard

Caught in Action: ATF 90G-4 All Terrain Crane at a Rail Yard

Austin Crane Service, Now with Case Study Video!

Austin Crane Service recently purchased their first ATF 90G-4 all terrain crane. In the press release following the purchase, owner and President Larry Taylor said that one big reason for the purchase was that “Tadano put a lot of thought into the design of … Read More

ATF 130G-5 Makes Incline Cars Fly

ALL Crane Rental of Pennsylvania

An ATF 130G-5 was recently spotted performing an out of the ordinary lift. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette covered the story of how this all terrain crane was used to remove incline cars from the Monongahela Incline in Pittsburgh, PA. Nexgen Industrial … Read More