Top 8 Reasons to Own or Rent a Tadano

Tadano America is highlighting the top eight reasons to buy or rent an all terrain or rough terrain crane. We’re letting customers speak for us as we share how users are getting the most for their money with Tadano products.

Reason 8: User friendly

“Tadano cranes are built to be user friendly. Excellent on-site training and documentation make the job easy for our operators and mechanics.”

Reason 7: Service excellence

“With Tadano we can solve 95% of our problems over the phone. Direct access to customer service goes a long way in helping us keep our cranes generating revenue.”

Reason 6: Safety

“We have high safety standards. Tadano’s commitment to building safe cranes makes for a great partnership.”

Reason 5: Innovative features 

“Features like asymmetrical outriggers give Tadano cranes an edge in many applications and working environments.”

Reason 4: Long service life 

“The extended service life of Tadano products means fewer fleet turns and a higher return on our investment.”

Reason 3: Product quality 

“Tadano products are designed and manufactured with quality and reliability in mind.”

Reason 2: Hard to break, easy to repair 

“The durability of Tadano products is a direct result of their high quality standards. Our customers see the value of this every day.”

Reason 1: Lowest owning and operating costs 

“We own so many Tadano cranes because of the low overall ownership costs. Every Tadano crane we purchase is an investment that our customers have come to appreciate.”

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