Load Moment Limiter (AML-F)

Crane Control Made Simple and Safe

Tadano’s tried-and-true crane control system has evolved with the AML-F Load Moment Limiter offering additional safety and operating convenience than previous systems. Crane operators can now have two color displays in the superstructure cab. The main display can be operated by touch, keys, or a rotary push button. This display shows images from the two crane cameras and can be electronically tilted to adjust to changing light conditions.

The other display shows an additional camera view and can even be taken out to make it easier to use. The crane operator can decide customize on which display they want to see information. They can also call up additional information about the crane’s multiple operating statuses, such as average diesel consumption, oil temperature, and hydraulic oil level. In the following post I will share more of what makes the AML-F unique:

•  Easy Set-Up
•  Simple intuitive interface
•  Customizable controls
•  Working range limits are standard
•  Slow stop functions
•  Simple to follow error codes & diagnostics
•  Hello-Net telematics – standard

AML-F Crane Control System









•  Crane control and the capacity limiting system now work as one
•  Intuitive screen interface with industry standard icons allow for easy set-up
•  Multiple settings for speed and control functions with memory features
•  Working range limits with function “slow-stop” for added safety in difficult operating conditions
•  Complete engine information along with daily fuel consumption
•  Easy on-board diagnostics to keep your crane up and running

Working Screen Complete Crane Information, Complete Safety


Operating speeds & joystick response can be customized for critical lifts

Memory features allows storing of settings for more then one operator


One icon push – easy to access – easy to understand error messages

All in English with circuit pathways listed


Key features of the Tadano AML-F system

  • Easy input of crane set-up status
  • Intuitive screen interfaces
  • Lift adjuster
  • Working range limits come standard with “slow-stop” function
  • Virtual wall function
  • Multiple cameras on crane
  • Multiple operator speed and control settings with memory function
  • Complete engine information with daily fuel consumption data
  • Easy to follow and use on board diagnostics for rapid troubleshooting
  • Excellent telescoping status and resetting functions
  • Hello-Net telematics with error readings standard
  • Constant working readouts
  • Customizable joystick settings with memory function
  • Multiple lubrication settings and maintenance timings
  • Ability to start and run lower engine and adjust outriggers from upper cab
  • Simple part and calibration replacements
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