Capital Crane Limited Wins Tadano Contest

This spring Tadano America hosted a photo contest on Facebook asking crane users to share projects by submitting photos of Tadano all terrain and rough terrain cranes in action with the hashtag #ExperienceTadano. We received thousands of entries and narrowed it down to 121 semifinalists. It was a tough decision, but we are happy to announce the winner!

The person responsible for the winning photo is Kayla Monks, operations manager and senior HSEQ advisor from Capital Crane Limited. Monks manages her division on the island portion of Newfoundland and Labrador. She deals with the day-to-day operations such as scheduling equipment and manpower and dealing with clients’ requests.

The winning photo was taken at Nalcor’s Lower Churchill Project in Soldiers Pond. This project is part of the Labrador-Island Link, a high voltage direct current (HVdc) line, which will effectively carry large amounts of power over long distances as well as under water. HVdc will be converted to high voltage alternating current (HVac) at the converter station in Soldiers Pond before being added to the provincial grid as power for homes and businesses.

Monks captured this image while visiting with clients to check the cranes and boom trucks Capital Crane had on site. She arrived just in time to watch their ATF 220G-5 hoist one of the towers for the switchyard.

Monks originally shared her #ExperienceTadano moment with a few words:

“Second to none, Capital Cranes’ four ATF220G-5s are the pride of our fleet. We have various Tadano RTs as well. They have been excellent additions since our winters are cold… I’m talking -40 in the Labrador regions. The cold weather doesn’t stop our Tadano cranes from running.”

Capital Cranes prides themselves in providing excellent service, and Monks particularly provided accolades to Tadano’s regional service technician Matt Fairbairn. “His phone is always on and if needed he is on a plane as fast as possible to help us out,” she explained. “His knowledge and expertise on these cranes are a huge asset!”

Congratulations to Capital Crane Limited for this excellent photo. We loved getting to see all the entries and the work our Tadano all terrain and rough terrain cranes do every day!

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