Low Owning & Operating Costs: Reason #1

Low Owning & Operating Costs the Key to Successful Crane Ownership

Although we have presented this reason last, we are actually ending with what should be your number one business reason to buy or rent a Tadano all terrain or rough terrain crane. Tadano has the lowest owning and operating cost of any crane on the market. We say business reason because before you purchase or rent a crane it first has to be able to do the job. The next consideration should be the effect on your bottom line.  It really comes down to how much is costs to own or rent the crane over the life of the project or the service life of the crane that determines its’ true value.

So, how do we substantiate this claim? Scott Equipment is a Louisiana based dealer and rental company who operate over 350 Tadano cranes in their rental fleet. The owner, Scott Cummins shared his thoughts in the printed ad, “We own so many Tadano cranes because of the low overall ownership costs. Every Tadano crane we purchase is an investment that our customers have come to appreciate.”

And Scott Equipment is just one of several other North American companies with Tadano crane fleets that exceed 100 units. One thing these companies have in common is they all methodically track the hourly cost of operation for their fleets. After analyzing the data, the conclusion is simple, Tadano cranes outperform the competition and reassures owners of their decision to buy our cranes.

The hard data collected by our customers has shown that Tadano products operate at significantly higher levels of efficiency and offer a greater rate of return than any of our competitor’s products. Higher quality results in fewer service calls, less down time, and fewer parts. Whether you own one unit or 350, over time this translates into significantly higher utilization and meaningful cost savings.

The key to getting a better return on investment from your crane purchases is to have those assets working. Tadano cranes accomplish this through quality and simple routine maintenance. You can count on the availability of Tadano cranes.

The Equation for Lower Operating Costs

In earlier posts you’ve read about a number of good reasons to own or rent a Tadano crane. They all add up to making Tadano the best crane investment the industry:

  1. User Friendly
  2. Service Excellence
  3. Safety
  4. Innovative Features
  5. Long Service Life
  6. Product Quality
  7. Hard to Break, Easy to Repair
  8. Lowest Owning and Operating Costs

Each step of the way, Tadano has tried to demonstrate how our crane products can add more value to your fleet and provide your business with a better ROI. If you haven’t already, we would recommend that you go back and watch each of our videos to hear first-hand about our customer’s experience with Tadano cranes.

If you’re curious to know more, we can put you in touch with a crane owner in your area. Or feel free to reach out to me anytime at jay.shiffler@tadano.com.

We would also look forward to connecting with you next year at ConExpo2017 that will be held March 7-11 in Las Vegas. Please make time to visit us.

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