Hard to Break, Easy to Repair: Reason #2

The month of September marks the seventh month in our new campaign, the top 8 reasons to own or rent a Tadano. Reason #7 is “Hard to Break and Easy to Repair”. We’ll talk in this post about how durability and simplicity of repair translates to more revenue.

Durability is Quality

Two good measures of any product are how durable it is and how simple it is to repair.  From first concept, Tadano cranes are designed to be hard to break and easy to repair.

Durability is not an accident and is actually created in many ways. It starts with engineering and structural design as the foundation and then manifests itself in the manufacturing processes and quality of the individual components that make up the crane. Tadano requires that our vendor partners employ the same philosophy when building their supporting components. One very significant reason for Tadano’s success at building quality cranes is that many of our vendor relationships have been in existence for over three generations. Quality breeds durability which creates reliability that results in less down time and maintenance expense.

Easy to Repair Means Less Down-Time and More Revenue

Like durability, the idea of making the crane easy to repair starts from first concept. Component location, electrical and hydraulic circuitry routing and ease of access are heavily considered.  For example, Tadano uses more continuous piping for our hydraulic system, requiring fewer hoses and fittings resulting in fewer potential leak points.  As a result, Tadano cranes are known to be leak-free. Tadano also designed large access panels providing for better accessibility to componentry. Our AML (automatic moment limiter), using error codes, also acts as a diagnostic system.  It is accessible and easy to use requiring no external plug-ins.  In fact, over 80% of Tadano crane issues are resolved through a phone call between the operator and a Tadano customer service technician. This results in less down-time and more revenue.

L & L Construction in PA owns two Tadano all terrain cranes.. Keith Schreier, Vice President of Crane Rental Operations notes that “service issues are rare” and that their Tadano cranes “are second to none and outshine any cranes they have.”  Check out the video to hear Keith and his operator Jeff talk about their experience with Tadano all terrain cranes.

Learn About the Tadano Experience First-Hand

If you’d like to know more, we can put you in touch with a crane owner in your area. Or feel free to reach out to me anytime at mark.krajci@tadano.com.

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