Product Quality: Reason #3

As we move to reason #3, product quality, in Tadano America’s top 8 reasons to own or rent a Tadano, we hope that you have had a chance to read some of our other blog posts for reasons eight through four. If not, you can get caught up or subscribe here!

Delivering a Quality Product

All manufacturers like to talk about providing quality products, but it’s another story to actually be able to deliver. And if you can deliver, then your crane product becomes the standard to measure competitive products against. Tadano is rapidly establishing itself as just that, the standard of quality against which all competitors are measured. Watch and listen as the staff at Coast Crane talk about their experiences with Tadano quality:

The ability to manufacture high quality products starts with a corporation’s commitment to a core philosophy and culture that nurtures the concept of quality. From design concepts, manufacturing processes, vendor selection, testing, and a commitment to customer service, quality has to be of the highest consideration. Tadano is committed to building a crane product that is free from defects, deficiencies, and significant variations.  The three Tadano core values of SQE are safety, quality and efficiency, each one standing alone but each contributing collectively to achieve high standards.

Experience Quality for Yourself

Quality can mean different things to different people, but there is not much room for disagreement when it comes to actually experiencing quality. After operating a quality all terrain or rough terrain crane, what understandings should you expect to take away with you? The…

  • Knowledge that the crane was designed to be operator and user friendly
  • Appreciation that the crane is supported by a strong manufacturer committed to service excellence
  • Trust that the crane can be operated safely and perform the work it is intended to do
  • Belief that the crane features are there to provide maximum benefit for the operator to do their job
  • Expectation that the crane asset was manufactured for a long service life
  • Assurance that the crane was built using the highest quality assembly methods, materials and components
  • Confidence that the crane will work uninterrupted between normal maintenance schedules and be easy to repair when there are issues
  • Belief that the crane asset will be the lowest cost to own and operate and provide the highest return on investment

Take a minute to think about the cranes that your company currently owns or rents. Can you say that all the above is true for those products? If not, it might be time to consider trying out a Tadano! For more from our customers and their experience with Tadano quality, visit the case study section of our website!

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