Long Service Life: Reason #4

The month of May marks the fifth month in our new campaign, the top 8 reasons to own or rent a Tadano. Reason #4 is long service life. We’ll talk in this post about some of the ways that this key benefit can help your business become more efficient.

Quality Leads to Longer Service Life

As product design, manufacturing processes, materials, and technology have continued to improve, it only makes sense that newly manufactured crane products would progress accordingly. It is for many of these reasons that the automotive industry has, in recent years, been able to dramatically increase the quality and reliability of their automobile products. Over time, these improvements have changed how customers make decisions to buy automobiles.

A recent USA Today article discussed the many factors that drive demand for vehicles, with quality being one of the most important. Tim Fleming, analyst at Kelley Blue Book, is quoted in the article as saying, “If you have good products out there, it gives the dealers a better chance to sell.”

Growing Market Share

At Tadano we are having the same successes with our rough terrain and all terrain crane products. Our reputation for quality continues to find its way into market areas where our crane products are less well known. The added value of quality and reliability is a contributing factor to the low maintenance service life of our cranes.

Harry Baker, owner of Southwest Industrial Rigging in Phoenix, AZ has a long history of owning and operating Tadano cranes. “The extended service life of Tadano products means fewer fleet turns and a higher return on our investment,” says Baker. Watch the full video of our visit with Southwest Industrial to hear more:

One key to getting a better return on investment from your crane purchases is to have those assets work for an extended period of time without the need for service or parts. You can count on Tadano cranes to do exactly that.

The Equation for Quality

In earlier posts you’ve read about a number of factors that contribute to quality products with a long service life.

  • Easy to Make:  Simplicity of Design
  • Hard to Break:  Quality of Components
  • Easy to Repair:  Simple to Service and Maintain
  • Easy to Operate: Tadano AML Systems
  • Safety:  Tadano makes Safe Cranes
  • Useful Features:  Features that Add Value

At each step of the way, Tadano is working to show you how our crane products can add more value to your fleet and provide your business with a better ROI. To hear more from our customers on the Tadano experience, watch this video!

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