Innovative Features: Reason #5

Tadano America is in the midst of an eight-month campaign highlighting the top reasons to own or rent a Tadano crane. For the month of April, reason #5 is innovative features. In the following post, we’ll cover a few of the offerings that we think set Tadano apart from our competition.

Crane Innovation Results in Safer & More Efficient Operation

Merriam Webster defines the term innovation as “the act or process of introducing new ideas, devices, or methods.” Most likely, when you think of innovation in the crane industry you expect something that is a big or perhaps even a radical change to how a crane functions. But innovation can also start with simple and useful offerings that improve the way an operator can perform their day-to-day work. The best of these innovations serve to make cranes safer, eco-friendly, efficient, reliable, comfortable, and easy to manufacture and transport. They should also reduce the cost of operation and ownership, and add value to the communities and customers that we all serve.

At Tadano, this type of innovation is a core part of our philosophy and culture. To that end our designers are constantly taking stock of market demands, application requirements, regulatory compliance requirements, and most importantly talking and listening to our customers.

Innovative Features Bigge Blog PhotoBigge Crane & Rigging owns a large fleet of Tadano cranes. One of the reasons they continue to make this investment is because Tadano’s innovative features give the cranes an edge in many applications and working environments.

“Our company has grown and prospered since 1916 by expanding and modernizing our fleet of cranes, rigging, hoists, and hauling equipment. Offering customers access to Tadano’s high quality cranes is just one way that we achieve this goal,” remarked Bigge Crane’s Weston Settlemier, President & CEO.

The following are just a few of the innovative features that Tadano has brought to our crane products:

Asymmetrical Outriggers

When operating a crane with the asymmetrical outrigger  feature, the AML detects the extended length of each of the crane’s outriggers and allows the operator to achieve the maximum capacities in each work area.


The Lift Adjuster is a technical control system that allows the operator to have more control over the potential movement of the load. When the Lift Adjuster is activated, it senses the boom’s deflection and adjusts the hoist cylinder to compensate for the change in radius caused by that deflection.

Triple-Boom System

Unlike a conventional telescopic boom, our Triple-Boom System consists of not one but three telescopic tubes. These tubes give the overall system a permanently high level of flexural and torsional stiffness, thus eliminating the need for a boom suspension system.

Operator Comfort

Tadano cranes are laid out intuitively so that any operator can easily become familiar with the crane and get operational safely and quickly.

Load Moment Limiter (AML-C)

Tadano’s AML systems are innovative in design and easy-to-use. It also displays important information and allows the operator to preset a custom working environment. The self-diagnosing feature helps to reduce downtime and eliminate unnecessary site visits by a service technician.

Engine Eco Mode

The Eco Mode system controls the maximum engine speed at the time of crane operation. Engine speed rises when it is unnecessarily accelerated. This addition reduces CO2 emissions and fuel consumption by up to 22% when Eco Mode 1 is deployed. It reduces them by up to 30% when Eco Mode II is applied. This setting has the added benefit of noise reduction.

High Quality Products with Innovative Features

You can read more about Tadano cranes on our Features page. Let our customers tell you more about their Tadano experience on our Youtube page!


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