Safety: Reason #6

What goes into making a safe crane?

If you’ve been following Tadano America this year, you’ve probably heard about our campaign, the Top 8 Reasons to Own or Rent a Tadano Crane. This month, reason #6 is safety.

You may be asking, what exactly does this mean? The answer to crane safety starts with manufacturing and continues with operation. Let’s go a little deeper into both of those ideas.

Crane Safety and Manufacturing

No matter how experienced your operators are, supplying them with a crane that is built to the highest safety standards helps to provide confidence in the product. Our customers tell us that Tadano cranes are the safest cranes in the industry, and there’s a reason for that! Safety, quality, and efficiency are the top priorities for any Tadano all terrain or rough terrain crane. Here are a few ways we accomplish these goals:

Company Values and Culture

Tadano’s corporate philosophy dictates that safety is first and matters for everyone who builds and uses our products and services. The “safety first” value is a key component to our company culture, and it applies to employees as well as our vendors.

We work every day to manufacture products that comply with and meet the high standards of safety that Tadano expects and demands. We believe that our cranes should provide for safe operation every time they are used, just as our facilities should provide a safe and healthy environment for our employees.

In the following video, Bragg Crane Service shares why the Tadano brand is a match for their corporate safety culture.

Final Product

The result of our corporate philosophy is a crane that will serve your company well as a safe and productive asset for the years to come. As such, you can trust that Tadano products:

  • Are designed to be easy to make, hard to break and easy to repair
  • Are designed to be user friendly
  • Are designed to be compliant with federal (ANSI, ASME) standards and regulations
  • Are manufactured using Deming principles of TQM and Kaizen-continuous improvement
  • Use only the highest quality and most reliable components
  • Are supplied with comprehensive and accessible documentation
  • Are supported by factory operator orientation training
  • Are supported by direct to market technical customer service representatives

Crane Safety in Operation

Purchasing a crane that is designed and built for safety is the first step in the right direction for your company. But even a well-designed crane is only as safe as how it is used! To this end, there are a number of things your company can do to promote crane safety on a daily basis:

  1. Use trained, certified and competent operators, riggers and signalmen
  2. Maintain strict adherence to OSHA and ANSI standards and regulations
  3. Insist on jobsite safety training and planning
  4. Understand proper job site conditions
  5. Implement proper lift planning
  6. Inspect and maintain cranes properly
  7. Read, understand and utilize the manufacturer’s operating manual

 Safety is an Investment for Your Company

It’s easy to think of safety as an abstract concept, but think of it as Tadano “Paying it Forward.” This concept is an expression for describing the beneficiary of a good deed (Tadano cranes) and repaying it to others (our customers) instead of to the original benefactor.

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