Spanish Speaking Crane Service Team at Tadano: We’re Here to Help

At Tadano America, we’re proud to service all terrain and rough terrain cranes across North, Central, and South America. That’s why we’re sharing something that you might not already know: we have several bilingual personnel on our service, parts, training, and accounting teams, here to serve your needs.

Bilingual training and serviceTadano prides itself on providing customers with services that are personal, timely, and effective. Unlike many of our competitors, at Tadano you can see the names and faces of every employee you might interact with on our service, training, and parts pages. If Spanish is your first language, rest assured that you can call and ask directly for a bilingual employee to help.

Coming soon, we will also launch a new page on the Tadano America site featuring Spanish language specifications. Our technical service personnel page also identifies our bilingual employees in the “Latin America” section.

Do you have a photo or a story you’d like to share for our website or our Facebook page from Mexico, Central, or South America? Email to share. We’d enjoy to hearing from you!


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