User Friendly Cranes: Reason #8

to Own or Rent a Tadano

If you’re in the market for an all terrain or rough terrain crane, gathering information to help make your decision can be challenging. Most of the available information is strictly product literature containing technical specifications that is generated by the OEMs. That’s one reason why Tadano America has launched a new campaign called the Top 8 Reasons to Own or Rent a Tadano Crane. Beyond the technical scope, what are the attributes that make Tadano cranes the right strategic purchase or rental for your business?

Each month, Tadano customers will share their stories and experiences with owning and renting Tadano cranes. We hope you enjoy the journey and will tune in again in the following seven months to find out more.

User friendly cranes are good for your business

Reason #8 in our campaign is user friendly cranes. In the below video, Larry Taylor and his operator Jimmy Chapman at Austin Crane Service talk about their Tadano all terrain ATF90G-4. They’ve owned and run them all. A lot of rental fleets require that operators move from one crane to another. How quickly and well they adapt is important.

Tadano takes the complexity of a crane and translates that into simple-to-use piece of equipment with intuitive operating systems for the operators. Larry told us that getting used to their new Tadano crane took only a few days compared to the weeks and even months required to learn competitive cranes.

For every new crane purchase, Tadano offers complimentary on-site operator orientation training. Our objectives are to inform, educate, and leave your operators knowing about all of the resources available at Tadano that will keep your cranes up and running. To this end we teach from our operator’s manual, and we insist that operators learn to navigate it.

We also believe that we can train your team to resolve 80 percent of the issues that come up on their own or through a quick phone call to one of our technicians. The rest of the time your operators will know how to reach out for hands-on assistance. You can count on the Tadano 80/20 concept to provide the availability and uptime you need to support your business.

Don’t ever hesitate to pick up the phone and call the Tadano team for parts or service. We even have an after–hours hotline available for both.

A user friendly crane keeps operators safe and happy

Jimmy’s story as an operator is a compelling one. At 69 years old he told us that being offered the opportunity to run the Tadano ATF90G-4 has extended his life as an operator perhaps as much a four to five years. From driving to set-up to work to tear-down, he considers the Tadano product to be the best crane on the market. Easy to make, hard to break, easy to repair and easy to use!

Learn About the Tadano Experience First-Hand

If you’re curious to know more, we can put you in touch with a crane owner in your area. Or feel free to reach out to me anytime at

Check back next month for reason number seven! You can get a jump on things by subscribing to the Tadano 8 Reasons to Own or Rent a Tadano Crane campaign here.

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