Rough Terrain Cranes from Tadano are the Industry’s Best

Rough terrain crane Here at Tadano, we believe that our rough terrain cranes are of the highest quality available in the market today. Operator Juliet Dawson of Tetra Tech agreed with our assessment in a recent interview when she said, “Tadano produces the Cadillac of cranes!” Dawson shared a few photos from a job at ONEOK, Inc. in Mont Belvieu, TX.

TAC: What cranes were on-site for this job?

JD: We used the GR-350XL, GR-750XL, and the GR-1000XL.

TAC: What are you doing in the photos?

JD: We laid a sleeper pipe rack between two plants. Although I unfortunately don’t have a picture to share, we used all three cranes to lift the rack and pipes (approx. 20,000 lbs), and then place them in a location near the tie in point at one of the facilities. It was a long, unbalanced load that required a lot of precision.

TAC: What do you like about operating Tadano cranes?

JD: The computer is very user friendly. In general, the Tadano cranes are just easy to operate.

TAC: Can you think of any features on these cranes that make your job easier?

Rough terrain crane in actionJD: They are ergonomically comfortable and there is plenty of room in the cab. This makes long work days go a bit faster. Overall I would say the cranes are stout and sturdy.



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