Caught in Action: ATF 90G-4 All Terrain Crane at a Rail Yard

Austin Crane Service, Now with Case Study Video!
ATF 90G-4 All Terrain Crane and Austin Crane Railyard

Austin Crane Service recently purchased their first ATF 90G-4 all terrain crane. In the press release following the purchase, owner and President Larry Taylor said that one big reason for the purchase was that “Tadano put a lot of thought into the design of this crane. Our operators love working with it.”

Since then, the crane has seen good use in the area around central TX. On this particular day, Austin Crane Service used their all terrain crane at a rail yard to unload rolls of steel in Bryan, TX.

Contractors Appreciate the Compact Size of this All Terrain Crane

austin crane railroad blog photo

The operator of the ATF 90G-4 removed the top of each car in order to remove the rolls. Each steel roll weighed approximately 85,000 pounds.

The contractor that Austin Crane Service was working for that day at the rail yard appreciated the compact size of the machine. He also said, “I wish I had this crane in my fleet, it would stay with my crew all the time.”

For more from Austin Crane, watch the short of the new case study video here:

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