ATF 130G-5 All Terrain Crane “Picked” the Winner

Interview with Ray Poland & Sons Inc

The recent HAPO Gold Cup marked the 50th anniversary of Unlimited Hydroplane Racing on the Columbia River between Richland, Kennewick and Pasco, Washington. The Gold Cup is the longest running competition in the motor sports world! A Tadano ATF 130G-5 was hard at work during the event. In the following interview TAC asked the owner, Dennis Poland of Ray Poland & Sons, Inc., to share a few on-the-job details.

TAC: How many Tadano cranes does your company own?

DP: We traded in two truck cranes with the purchase of this ATF 130G-5 all terrain crane in March of 2015. We are also considering purchasing another smaller unit next year.

TAC: How did Ray Poland & Sons come to be involved with the hydroplane races?

Hydroplane closeupDP: We have been involved in the competition for many years. It has only been in the last few that Ray Poland & Sons has donated crane service and an operator’s time. In addition, we donate the use of a water truck, small fire truck, and compressed air foam system (CAFS) for fighting methanol fuel fires. The ATF 130G-5 was responsible for handling four hydroplanes, and I was proud at the end to see that it had picked the winner of the 2015 Gold Cup, Oh Boy! Oberto.

TAC: This was definitely a non-traditional lift, but were there any specific crane features or capabilities that were helpful on-site?

DP: I heard many compliments during the time our crane was working about how sharp it looked. This ATF 130G-5 is also easy to set up, and breaking down counterweight at the end of a job is very quick. Our Tadano was the first to be on the road when the work was done on July 27th. We’re anxious to purchase our next Tadano crane!

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