Tier 4 Final Engines: A Few Tips

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Tier 4 Final engines are becoming a reality for many all terrain and rough terrain owners as they take delivery of  newly produced cranes that meet the latest regulations for emissions. In preparation for this, Tadano America posted a blog called “Owning a Tier 4 Final Engine: The Top Four Things to Know” earlier this year.

For the uninitiated, owning a crane with this low emissions engine can seem like a big change at first. Since the Tier 4 Final engine isn’t going away, the smartest place to start is with your operator’s manual. While you’ve probably heard this many times before, reading the manual really is the best way to save time and money on crane maintenance. Read the following three tips for a jump-start on properly maintaining your Tier 4 Final rough terrain or all terrain crane!

Tier 4 Final Maintenance Tips

Run Webasto heaters quarterly

In any area where a crane with a Tier 4 Final engine will be operating in the cold, the Webasto heater is a life saver. Crane owners have the option to order them with a new crane, or they can be purchased aftermarket. Crane owners with a two-engine all terrain crane beware: it’s helpful to have a heater for the upper and lower engine!

If a crane was delivered during the warm weather months, running the Webasto heater may not seem relevant. Similar to your car, however, these units may experience fuel injector issues after long periods of inactivity (think 90 days or more). Skip the winter time hassle and add running the heater periodically to the maintenance schedule.

Greasing the kingpins

Many new all terrain cranes are not fitted with central lubrication for kingpins on the axles. When an operator is unaware and doesn’t take care of this problem, kingpins can wander which may lead to steering sensor issues. The void due to lack of lubrication can also fill with water, and the resulting corrosion will lead to other steering related issues.

Display of oil levels and temperature

For the latest generation of Tier 4 Final cranes operators can now check the steering computer display for various oil levels and temperatures. The list is accessed via the menu button on the steering control unit (contact us for help with this). While it’s still possible to manually check oil levels using the dipstick, the display makes this task much easier.

Clearing the lines

With the introduction of the Tier 3 and Tier 4i engines, some customers working in very cold climates reported issues with Adblue freezing in the lines because fluid remained in the lines instead of flowing back into the holding tank. The common fix for this was to leave the main power on until the Adblue system had finished its shutdown cycle.

The canbus for Tier 4 Final engines is now kept alive for a longer period of time once the crane has been turned off. This allows the system to finish clearing the lines for the next startup.

A Manageable Change

If you’d like a little more information about how the new DEF system works and the chemical changes that take place, watch this video:

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