ATF 400G-6 All Terrain Crane: Limited Access, 210′ of Luffing Jib

Interview with Barcelona Equipment

Barcelona Equipment took delivery of the first ATF 400G-6 in the US in the summer of 2013. In an interview with Scott Russell, TAC got the details on a recent project in Clearwater, FL.

ATF 400G-6 was quick to build

TAC: How was this 450 ton all terrain crane used?

SR: Barcelona needed to set an air conditioner for a customer. It took a day to build the crane, a day to do the work, and a day to break the crane down again.

ATF 400G-6 TAC: What factors led to the selection of the ATF 400G-6 for this project?

SR: A lot of the lifts we do are just heavy, but in this case we had limited access on the building site and were only able to set up on one location. This gave us a radius of 214′.

It was the first time we used the ATF 400G-6’s  210′ foot luffing jib. It was just what we needed to complete the job.

TAC: Were there any specific Tadano features that made this project easier?

SR: I was actually very pleasantly surprised how quickly building the crane went. Once we put the counterweight on, it was very fast compared to what I’ve seen with some competitive cranes of this size.

In addition, there were some underground utilities right where we were operating. It really helped to know the ground pressure so we could safely work around them.

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