Improving Rough Terrain Cranes: Customer Feedback, Part 2

Rough terrain crane improvements

Last month, TAC wrote a blog post on how we use customer feedback to improve our products. As we discussed, Safety, Quality, and Efficiency combined with a customer first mentality mean that we are working every day to manufacture a better crane.

Rough Terrain Cranes Get Even Better

Rough terrain cranes have a relatively low purchase price and a low cost of ownership. They also have utility for many different construction jobs.

But that doesn’t mean that we can’t make great equipment even better! In this post, we’ll cover three more examples of ways we’ve improved the rough terrain line as a result of customer feedback

Window up button

Operators spend long hours in the cab of their crane. When they’ve climbed down at the end of the day, the last thing anyone wants is to realize the cab’s window is down.

Customers shared this minor irritation with Tadano. After that, it was fairly simple to add a window up button at the ground level.

Result: A handily located button saves operators a trip

Safe entrance/egress

Similar to the window down button, good crane design has a lot to do with theAdditional step small details. When customers take delivery of rough terrain cranes with Deployable step for outriggersTier 4 engines later this year, they will find many small improvements.

This new generation was the perfect time for Tadano to deliver on customer’s accessibility requests. Additions included an extra permanent step, a deployable step for use with outriggers, and more grab handles.

Result: A safer crane with better access for those who operate and maintain it

Engine fuel filter location

Every crane owner knows that following the maintenance manual is important for maintaining their investment. At the same time, regular tasks that are a hassle don’t always get done on time. According to our customers, changing the engine fuel filter was one example of this.

fuel filterFor new rough terrain cranes arriving in 2015, the fuel filter is now located at the ground level.

Result: A regular maintenance task is now much easier to complete

Thanks to our customers that commented on our last crane improvement blog. If you didn’t get a chance to tell us what you love, or what you’d like to see different, be sure to post a comment below!

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