ATF 220G-5 is Compact with Boom to Spare

Interview with Bragg Crane Service
ATF 220G-5 Feature

bragg-all-terrain-crane-1Bragg Crane Service purchased an ATF 220G-5 all terrain crane as an addition to their existing Tadano fleet in February of 2014 from Coastline Equipment Crane Division. Cameron Bragg shares the details of a recent job in San Diego below.

TAC: What project did you use the ATF 220G-5 on?

CB: Bragg Crane Service San Diego used the AF 220G-5 on a wind farm project for one week in Campo, CA. The all terrain crane worked with another crane to erect new tower sections, nacelle, and blades.

TAC: Why did you choose this crane from your fleet for the project?

CB: The ATF 220G-5 impressed us with its charted capacity, but its boom length and reliability really caught our attention. California is also a unique market for cranes. This machine works well within these state regulations in addition to meeting Bragg’s personal standards for operation.

TAC: Was there anything about this job that made it complex?

CB: This project had considerable space restrictions. Since the ATF 220G-5 has a compact 5-axle design, it still fit easily on the site.

An 85 meter wind tower also requires a lot of lift height. The other advantage of this AT is that it has considerable boom length for a 250 ton machine, more than enough to reach the required hook height.

TAC: Were there any Tadano specific features that made this project easier?

CB: Only one counterweight load of 51,808 pounds was required to get the job done. This represented a savings in cost and time for us.

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