Crane Improvement: Listening to Customer Feedback

Crane improvements

For those who own and operate a rough terrain or all terrain cranes, safety and ease of use are important concerns. Here at Tadano, we operate based on a three-part platform that we think makes a big difference towards both of these goals: Safety, Quality, and Efficiency.

Tadano engineers in Japan and Germany do their very best to think of everything. But sometimes, it’s the end user that will suggest an additional feature that can make their Tadano experience even better!

Improving with Customer Feedback

The below are three examples of how we’ve taken customer feedback and implemented that input as a feature in an all terrain or rough terrain crane. We’ll cover a few more in a future post.

Emergency escape windows

In Kitimat, BC regulations were changed to improve operator safety as it relates to “single cab entrance door” equipment.  The regulation added language to have an alternate means of exiting the cab in the event the main door was unusable.

After they had taken delivery of several rough terrain cranes, a customer who is located British Columbia came to TAC with their concern about meeting this new requirement. Tadano developed a new design and retrofitted their units to meet this requirement. This solution is now incorporated into every new unit arriving to North America.

Result: Safer cranes that are prepared to meet requirements in other locations

Powder-coated rims

Depending on the season and location, all terrain crane rims can see a lot of wear and tear from road debris and job site hazards. Over time they may rust and need to be replaced. Dings and rust also effect the crane’s aesthetics.

When Tadano Faun realized this was a problem, they decided that going forward all rims should be powder coated. This coating is burnt into the rims at a temperature of approximately 392 degrees Fahrenheit. Even cranes that had already come off the factory line had theirs rims removed for re-painting.

Result: A much more durable coating that keeps cranes looking sharp

Fall protection

Combined with the current regulations and our customers concerns about their employee’s safety, Tadano has developed a solution for the Canadian marketplace that assists with fall prevention. It has been integrated into the design of current rough terrain crane models. It is also available as a retrofit for previous Tadano models in Canada.

Result: A safer maintenance experience and adherence to Canadian regulations

Do you own or operate a Tadano regularly? Have a suggestion? Post in the comments below to let us know what you appreciate, or how a design improvement might change your experience.

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