All Terrain Cranes on the Job: 150 Foot Windmill Blade Replacement

Bay Crane and the Town of Hempstead New Jersey
ATF 70G-4 All Terrain Crane Windmill Feature

During a recent visit with Bay Crane, Tadano America tagged along to see an ATF 70G-4 All terrain crane" href="">all terrain crane on-the-job in the town of Hempstead, NJ. Hempstead is currently running an experiment on the efficiency of solar power and wind mills. Installed in 2011, the wind mill blade was due for a more efficient upgrade.

Bay Crane operators worked with the city to remove the original 3000 pound blade and replace it with the new 4000 pound blade.

All Terrain Crane Performed a Precise Lift

All terrain crane wind mill liftThe wind mill tower was 150 feet fall. This lift was a precision operation, as the old blade had to be unbolted and then carefully flipped over to place it safely on the ground under narrow conditions.

The same process was performed in reverse to lift the new blade. The ATF70G-4 used full outriggers and full counterweight, in addition to the full length of the boom.


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