Hydraulic Crane Oil Filters

Pay Attention to Longevity, Materials, and Price
Hydraulic Crane Oil Filters

Buying good quality parts, including hydraulic crane oil filters, can make a big difference in the service life of your rough terrain or all terrain crane. Determining the difference between original equipment manufactured (OEM) oil filters and aftermarket filters can be confusing at times though. Materials, longevity, and price are all concerns. Take a few minutes today to understand some of the factors driving all three of these important characteristics!

Materials in Hydraulic Crane Oil Filters

Whenever people ask the Tadano America parts team why they should buy oil filters direct, one of the first things we’ll tell them is that quality of materials matters. For many years, cellulose filters were standard in the industry. In recent times, some manufacturers (including Tadano) have moved to glass fiber filters as a result of several benefits, as described below in the publication Machinery Lubrication:

Hydraulic Crane Oil Filters

Oil Filter Longevity and Price Can Be Misleading

Many TAC customers were surprised by the price increase for our filters after this switch compared to the available aftermarket options. What they don’t know is that many of the cheaper aftermarket filters still employ cellulose fibers, and therefore last half as long.

Tadano OEM oil filters now last up to 1,200 hours or 12 months, instead of 600 hours or 6 months. Before you decide that non-OEM filters are cheaper, be sure to factor this into your equation. Don’t take our word for it though! Before purchasing an aftermarket oil filter, do your homework and ask the manufacturer what it is made of and how long it will last.

Pay Attention to Quality of Workmanship

Beyond the quality of materials, quality of workmanship is also a concern for oil filters. Aftermarket filters are not always held to the same standards as OEM filters. This may not be a deal-breaker in every case, but it’s not unheard of for aftermarket oil filters to be missing an O-ring or for them to be a different size than the OEM’s filter.

Hydraulic Crane Oil Filters DifferencesFor example, on the left you’ll see a genuine Tadano hydraulic crane filter. On the right is an aftermarket filter that we used for comparison. The two are clearly not interchangeable. Furthermore, the gap you see on the right-hand filter can in some cases be the cause of oil leakages.

Informed Oil Filter Purchases

As you can see, it pays to be informed about the quality and workmanship of your crane’s oil filter. For more on making the rights parts purchases contact the TAC parts team today!

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