GR-1600XL Quality Reduces Maintenance Costs

Q&A With Ness & Campbell on their New Rough Terrain Crane
Ness and Campbell GR-1600XL

Tadano’s rough terrain cranes, including the GR-1600XL, are known for being high quality machines. This is one of the big reasons that Ness & Campbell Crane purchased their first 160 ton rough terrain crane from Coast Crane in September. Located in Seattle, WA & Portland, OR the rental company shared their thoughts on owning a GR-1600XL.

The GR-1600XL Was an Upgrade to the Fleet

TAC: What factors led to using choosing this piece of Tadano equipment?

N&C: The capacity was important of course. We also believe that the quality of Tadano machines will result in lower owning and operating costs.

The GR-1600XL is an upgrade to our rough terrain crane fleet. The 160 ton capacity allows the rest of our RT fleet to remain on other long-term jobs, while our AT fleet can remain mobile.

TAC: What was the first project Ness & Campbell rented this crane out for?

N&C: A complex steel erection project for Hoffman Construction in Everett, Washington. It began work immediately after purchase in September. It is expected to remain on the job-site for several months to a year.

TAC: Was there anything complicated about the steel erection job?

N&C: It’s a vast and elaborate project with a frequent need for full counterweights and the GR-1600XL’s long boom. Getting it around the job-site has required less planning, execution, and coordination than expected. The GR-1600XL is performing all sorts of picks and can move around easily, which makes it very versatile.

TAC: Does the GR-1600XL have any specific features that are particularly helpful for this project?

N&C:  Our customer takes advantage of the GR-1600XL’s  reach and capacity on a regular basis. They also really appreciate that this rough terrain crane can move around the site with full counterweight, which can be a time saver.

TAC: After the GR-1600XL is done with this job, where do you anticipate using it going forward?

N&C: The market in the Pacific Northwest is demanding. We will get good use from this crane for commercial, industrial and general crane rental work. This is Ness & Campbell’s biggest rough terrain crane, and we are looking forward to growing our Tadano fleet.

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