ATF 90G-4: Making the Most of Counterweight

Southern Crane recently purchased an ATF 90G-4 for work on cellular towers, modular homes, HVAC, and other daily taxi rental opportunities in North and South Carolina. Tadano America asked President Earl Johnson III to weigh in on a recent lift with this new crane.

TAC: What project did you use the ATF 90G-4 for?

EJ: We used it to unload a 48,000 pound communication building. After it is transported to the cell site, we will use the ATF 90G-4 again to set the structure.

TAC: What factors led to using choosing this piece of Tadano equipment for the project?

EJ: This crane only requires three separate picks off our trailer to install maximum counterweights. Other cranes in its class require five picks off the trailer for maximum counterweight.

TAC: What was special about this lift?

EJ: This particular project was not very complex, but required the use of full counterweight (49,163 pounds).

TAC: What specific Tadano features were particularly helpful for this project?

EJ: Like I mentioned, the quick set-up, including fewer picks off our trailer, was a big factor. Dismantling the crane was also very quick. Overall, the ATF 90G-4 was the right size and right capacity for this particular job.

For the full press release on Southern Crane’s recent purchase, visit TAC’s news section.

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