On-site with Rough Terrain Cranes: Construction in the City

Rough Terrain Cranes in the City Feature

Using rough terrain cranes for construction in New York City can be difficult in the best of times: narrow conditions, strict permitting, and constant traffic are all a daily part of the job. Tadano America spotted this rough terrain crane working in the Meatpacking District to complete a building just off the High Line.

Rough terrain crane in the Meatpacking DistrictOperated by Bay Crane, the task that day was to lift tiles that weighed 500 pounds each to the waiting manlift. While the tiles did not challenge the capacity of the rough terrain crane, precision under narrow working conditions was a major factor.

Bay Crane VP of Sales and Marketing Dave Dewitt remarked that smooth operation without a lot of jerkiness was one reason the Tadano was a good fit for the job. “Our operators are very experienced, but seamless integration between the machine and the computer helps to remove much of the complexity when they have to do something out of the ordinary.”

Safe Operation of Rough Terrain Cranes is Key in New York City

Safe rough terrain crane operation is important no matter the locale, but it is particularly important in a crowded city like New York, where the people and tight work conditions are a constant. Construction mishaps in New York City can be high-profile news events, in addition to loosing a good crane rental company business. “It only takes one accident,” said Dewitt.

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