Lift Adjuster for All Terrain Crane Safety

Three Ways We Help Your Operators Do Their Job Better
Lift Adjuster

Working to improve crane safety and reduce risk is the first of  Tadano’s three core values. Quality and efficiency make up the other two. Together, these core values are the foundation that help us to produce the rough terrain and all terrain cranes. that our customers depend on every day.

Lift Adjuster Helps Make a Safer Crane

With safety in mind, Tadano engineered the unique and exclusive Lift Adjuster system for our all terrain cranes. From talking with operators, we know that monitoring Lift Adjuster Safe Operationload movement while also keeping track of the surroundings can be a challenge even for those with a lot of operating experience.

As you know, when a crane picks up a load, natural boom deflection will cause the load to want to swing away from the crane. The heavier the load, the more deflection that will result in more movement by the load.

This is particularly challenging for an operator and ground crews to control when the crane is working in a confined lifting area. Keeping personnel and other fixed obstructions safe are essential.

The Lift Adjuster is a technical control system that allows the operator to have more control over the potential movement of load. When the Lift Adjuster is activated, it senses the boom’s deflection and adjusts the hoist cylinder to compensate for the change in radius caused by that deflection.

Eliminating the chance or opportunity for the load to swing creates a much safer crane working environment. Watch this video to see Lift Adjuster in action.

Safety is something that everyone in the crane industry can agree on. Here are top four reasons to use a Tadano crane equipped with lift adjusting capabilities:

  1. Create a Safer Working Environment
    The Lift Adjuster system is an operator assist feature that enhances the operator’s ability to work safely and create a safer working environment for the people and structures around them.
  2. Simple to Use
    The Lift Adjuster is activated at the touch of a button and automatically turns itself off again once the safe load torque has been reached.
  3.  Simplify Out-of-Sight Lifts
    Safety becomes even more of a concern when an operator cannot see the load they are lifting. Lift Adjuster ensures gentle and swing-free lifting of the load, which helps to protect employees, valuable loads, and fixed obstructions.
  4. Free Operator’s Attention
    No matter how much experience a crane operator has, one person can only pay attention to so many things at once. The Lift Adjuster system maintains the load radius, which allows your operators to dedicate their full attention to the critical task of lifting the load.

The Lift Adjuster is a standard feature on all five and six axle and an option on most four axle Tadano all-terrain cranes.  Consult with your sales representative to learn more about this and other innovative features of our all-terrain cranes.  For more on Lift Adjuster, download our one pager, “Better Safe Than Sorry.”

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