Rough Terrain Crane Maintenance and Extreme Working Conditions

Three Things Your Company May be Missing
Rough terrain crane

Fort McMurray, Canada:  To keep up with demand, most energy companies in this far north area of western Canada operate their rough terrain cranes up to three shifts a day. Tadano has many cranes working in this region of Canada, and we understand just how important it is to know that maintenance requirements do change under these demanding conditions.

Crane Manuals Important Resource for Rough Terrain Crane Maintenance

Crane manuals can seem exhaustive, but are an important and necessary resource for keeping up with the service and maintenance details. At the end of the day, your crane manual is the last word on proper maintenance and it is important to refer to them for manufacturer recommended best practices.

From their experience, the Tadano America service team has put together the following suggestions for working with rough terrain cranes operating in demanding environments:

  • Extreme operating conditions:  Before putting any crane to work you need to make sure the machine is equipped to handle the operating environment it is meant to serve.  As an example, ensuring that the crane is outfitted with the proper oils and seals is very important and something to consider when working in extreme hot and cold conditions.
  • Brief shut-downs: Taking time out for service and maintenance intervals can be challenging.  A brief shut-down to perform basic maintenance checks can and will help to prevent future service issues and serve to minimize down-time.
  • Operating hours vs distance traveled vs period of time: Most crane manuals specify service and maintenance intervals based on three factors; 1) operating hours 2) distanced traveled and 3) a defined period of time.For cranes running multiple shifts a day, the operating hours will far outweigh the distance traveled or time period. Be sure to check your manual to determine how these type of special situations may accelerate and change your service and maintenance schedules.

Tadano regularly works with customers that have excellent maintenance programs and still own and operate cranes in their fleet that exceed 15 years old.  The benefit from this extra effort is that well maintained cranes result in reduced downtimes and extended service lives.  This in turn results in lower owning and operating costs and a greater return on your crane asset investment.

Have more questions on maintaining your crane? Consult the new Tadano Rough Terrain Crane Maintenance Guide, or contact our service team today!

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